How to use2019-10-23T12:12:48-06:00

How to use this website

This page describes how to use vote123 website. Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and topics that covers how to use this website and help the visitor to easy navigation for interested contents. 

How to find articles2019-10-23T12:52:54-06:00
  1. First Click on the search icon from the menu bar
  2. Then type your interested keyword in the search box. A live search result will come up , then click on the post that you like.
  3. Or you can type the keyword and press ‘ENTER’, then   a search result page will come up with a list a articles that contains your search keyword then click on your interested topic and enjoy. 
How to contact2019-10-23T12:32:24-06:00
  1. First Simply Click here, or from the main menu click on Contact option.
  2. After clicking you will see a contact form there. Fill up the contact form with valid information and don’t forget to click on “I’m not a robot” check box.
  3. After that Simply click on the big blue ‘Send’ button. And you are done.