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The egalitarianism of "One person one vote"

How “One person one vote” across any voting district breaths collective self-government. IE. Vote123 is a peaceful and just step of, by and for a village of voters — the many — who reject top-down (autocratic) rule by actively asserting collective self-rule and the active seeking out of the consensus building representative..

Independent 2019 Election Results article is available.

Three doable steps towards better 2019 election results! In their absence however, how can anyone expect a better outcome when all we do is to repeat what we did in previous elections?

Without speaking out loud but within the privacy of your inner voice,  are you among the many who, without necessarily knowing why, dread Canada’s upcoming October 21 federal election results?

If you are, you are not alone!  But together we can do something  much more than just to deplore which is never enough. Before I paint you a picture by which you can see with your own eyes why so many people are worried,  please consider the following three steps within our fingertip reach by which in the upcoming election we can with certainty move our election goalposts towards a more egalitarian civil society  where the majority, not an elite few set the rules and actually honour minority rights.  This is also based on the deeply familiar principle that whenever two or three individuals or communities work collaboratively together, then we can grow a bigger pie compared to when we work independently of each other.  In short through the following three small steps, as a community we can have a much larger impact when we speak as a united voice in electing the best consensus candidate as seen by most people and thereby avoiding the pitfalls when the many are divided and ruled over by the few.

Added up, the three small steps with a huge impact:

1. First step, please visit www.newsherenow.com scroll a few lines down, enter your postal code and select your voting district. Then on the vote123* ballot, as per the instructions, rank as many of the candidates as you wish beginning with your most preferred candidate.

2.  As News Here Now is available to all Canadians, help grow the pie by inviting your neighbours, friends and relatives far and wide to also participate in this consensus building exercise. 

3. Keep talking up this election opportunity with fellow Canadians, particularly in your voting district inclusive of those who have never voted before so that on election day with these updated  poll results we all can make much better use of our existing highly restrictive single-x-mark ballot on election day and together elect better candidates. 

* Vote123 is pronounced as vote one, two, three... when counting the various candidates in order of preference.

Now some facts by which you can see with your own eyes why most Canadians dread our election outcomes.

First, many false prophets will agreeably deplore our present voting system, even talk about its vulnerabilities like votesplitting, without ever telling you what the problem is or perfecting our present system.  In a nutshell our restricted to a single-x-mark ballot system is extremely vulnerable to votesplitting which can readily be seen in what happens in most of our voting districts.  The majority of five out of nine voters divide their vote between two good people so that A receives two votes and B three.  However our current system, even when all five voters do not want candidate C but receives the remaining four votes, then our electoral system lacking discrimination falsely elevates the candidate with “most votes” (4) as if having received “most of the votes” (at minimum 5). 

Analyses of 2019 election: