Now a few details that Elections Canada and Canada’s national parties would much prefer Canadians and the wider world envious of life in Canada would never find out. Though I will say now already it’s within our collective democratic and peaceful powers to put an end to the following miscarriages of democracy.

Take Élisabeth Brière, a Liberal of Sherbrooke Québec. She was declared elected even though 71.7% of those who voted did not vote for the person they now have as their MP!

Furthermore, while there is much baffle gab about the popular vote, the only popular vote that makes justifiable democratic sense is the one that take place in every one of Canada’s 338 voting districts. In Sherbrooke, less than one in five voters took the time to cast their ballot in support of the sloganeering “going forward” Trudeau team!

Added up acumulatively across all of Canada, there are 224 Élisabeth Brière like MPs where the majority of voters who voted did not vote for the person now declared as their MP. Specifically, of the 11,352,042 Canadians who voted in these 224 districts, more than half, fully 6,537,259 did not vote for their declared elected MP and could have stayed home without affecting the outcome one iota, except that would underline more starkly just how antidemocratic Canada’s electoral system has become.

However, Elections Canada willfully refuses to make easy access to the popular vote in each of Canada’s 338 voting districts. For example, Elections Canada does provide information for all of Canada in one file but inappropriately excludes the total number of registered voters in each and every district, even though Elections Canada not only has ready access to the data but uses it in a multiplicity of democratically unjustifiable ways.

Even if I direct you to the page where Canadians are shortchanged from a full and complete comprehensive file for all 338 districts, can you find access to the file? Please click here.  In fact I asked several Elections Canada personnel for that link and despite escalating it through four levels of personnel, they could not, or did not provide the information.

In short, every one of Canada’s national party leaders from Trudeau, Scheer and Singh to May, they all are looking through rose colored glasses when they provided their embellished view of the 2019 election results.

Sadly, all of the above disproportional outcomes could have been easily avoided had Trudeau lived up to his promise of making 2015 the last year of First Past The Post. The Vote123 ranked ballot easily ensures that no candidate is declared elected unless and until they have the confidence of the majority of voters and none of the above antidemocratic outcomes need be tolerated any longer.

It must also be emphasized that inasmuch as Trudeau was campaigning from the left but intending to rule from the right regarding his broken promise of electoral reform, the electoral systems that Singh of the NDP and May (Green) are advocating, once the truth be told, 100% of the local candidates elected through their proposed system would continue to be First Past The Post but like snake oil merchants divert attention to the half-truth that 20% in the polls would translate to 20% of the seats.

For a fuller description and how easy Canadians could take the initiative and truly make First Past The Post history, even though every one of Canada’s federal parties has no intention of getting rid of First Past The Post please see my earlier article “Three doable steps towards better 2019 election results!”