Dear KSP Supporters, fellow Candidates & Others:

If you are receiving this email via blind carbon copy, please note, in addition to yourself and as a matter of public record, all seven Kildonan St. Paul candidates inclusive of the two named above, will be in receipt of this email.

Before I provide further supporting detail as I see things, in order to avoid votesplitting, that is reducing the risk of ending up with your least liked representative from the two named above, it’s with my encouragement under the current circumstances that with your single-x-mark ballot that you endorse either one or the other of the two named above.  For if not, supported by public information*, you increase the risk that your least preferred candidate will be elected.  On the other hand whether Liberal or Tory, same old story, then voting for one of the others registers your protest to the status quo.

In the interest of achieving self-government of, by and for the many in contrast to the few dictating to the many, please ask yourself why throughout Canada in general and specific to Kildonan St. Paul not one of the party candidates is prepared to set aside their vested personal and party self-interests? That is for party and candidate self-interest** they continue to appeal for your vote, even if  that means you will end up with the representative you prefer least?

To everyone,  please be encouraged to redistribute this email as widely as you see fit, including the other six candidates who may have identified soft votes for someone other than themselves.

Now a few details:

*    The most recent data from polling aggregator indicates KSP will likely have an upset election result.  Given KSP’s electoral history this is not exactly surprising when most previous decisions involve a split vote between these two parties and in the most recent election being a first-ever upset, but Trudeau himself shuffling her out of cabinet and the Liberals no longer being a new broom, the possibility of change is possible.

To this I will simply add in closing, true democracy involving the self-rule of the many, is not only NOT a spectator sport but a true democracy requires that all voices in a voting district be heard.  On the eve of the election it’s now too late, but no citizen would be remiss in seeking out the benefits of a Vote123 ranked ballot pre-election poll and with this information on voting day, likely less than four years away, be in the best position possible whereby the many have the Democratic power to elect whoever we wish.

For more information on this please see inclusive of the reference to


Eduard,  Independent candidate for Kildonan St. Paul

**  Here follow but a few examples of a very long list on how there is almost no limit to how far Canada’s governing political parties will go to take unfair advantage of Canadians while plundering the public purse.

In the detail, as but one example, the party and candidate self interest above and beyond Canadians democratic public interest is made visible by the fact that elections Canada using public purse money will rebate 50% of parties electoral expenses if they achieve at least 2% of the popular vote or 5% in a particular riding, while candidates will receive up to 60% of their electoral expenses if and only if they achieve 10% or more of the vote and only to the extent they still have a campaign debt.

No debt? Candidates lose the entire rebate, but party candidates wiil have that money transferred to the party! No such “rights” for Independents!

However, if after the polls close on election night no candidate may receive any further tax receipt political donations while parties*** not only in the election year but 24/7/365 have access to public purse funded tax receiptable political donations!

*** One among many further double standard inequities is that only Canadian citizens may be Members of Parliament (i.e. MPs). That is in legal terms parties not being real persons have zero standing within Canada’s Parliament or Legislatures.

Yet Canada’s governing parties have given themselves many sweet deals on how to access public purse funds while precluding Canadians running as candidates or even elected as MPs to have access to such funding.